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  1. Didn’t sound that much worse, a lot louder, also background sounds were a lot louder and definately not studio quality.

  2. I remember my old mic had a hidden noise cancellation setting that popped up when I installed new drivers. Also for some reason, bumping up the “Sound Format” to a better higher sample rate in Windows sound settings made the background noise even worse.

  3. @Long Zheng: This is off topic: Everytime I open and close your website in IE 9/10 on my PCs, IE continously launches the page in new windows (about once every second). Do you know this issue? For me it only happens with your page.

  4. Sounds like you are in a crap location for audio and the higher quality mic is picking up more details, like wall echo and background noises. Turn down the mic gain to start with.

  5. Sounds like it is adding unnecessary echo. Windows 7 supports hardware accelerated video encoding for webcams, I am waiting for them to come up with one. Nice voice, btw.

  6. @Long Zheng:This is off topic, but why is it despite the correct drivers being installed and up to date, and Device Manager reporting everything to be in working order that Windows Live Messenger (I have the latest version installed) won’t detect my brand new Lifecam? They are both Microsoft products, so the two should in theory get along perfectly! 🙁

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