Microsoft Australia launches $20,000 internet treasure hunt for Internet Explorer 9, “Edge of the Internet”

Microsoft Australia’s internet treasure hunt is back and it’s even better than the last one with twice the reward. Aussies will have a chance to claim a $20,000 AUD reward for finding Dave who has gone “beyond the Edge of the Internet“. If your desire for money is greater than your standards of scientific plausibility, you’re in luck.

Unlike the last contest two years ago which attracted some heat initially for discrediting Firefox and Chrome users (which Microsoft admitted and later changed), the new contest aims to promote Internet Explorer 9 through the browser’s advantageous rendering speed than any artificial benefit.

When you register for the journey to the Edge of the Internet you’ll be given a bunch of links to other web pages – one of which was the last place Dave was seen before he got lost.

Your challenge is to make your way to Dave – click by click and page by page. Follow the wrong path and you could be clicking ’til the end of time. Follow the right path and you could be first to reach Dave and score $20,000. With so many web pages out there, you’re going to need a really fast browser – and Dave’s number-one recommendation is Windows® Internet Explorer® 9.

Another benefit of Internet Explorer 9 is that users can also pin the website to the taskbar which will notify them when there are new tips posted.

The first hint of the puzzle revealed today is an dated music video on YouTube with the comment, “Why do I have this song in my head???”.

Although there is no end date, the competition’s terms and conditions reveals there are “seven (7) web pages (Hunt Pages) that are a path to the final page (Prize Page)” which implies the contest will run for a few months before all the clues are exhausted, unless someone finds it before then.

The competition is only open to Australian residents and you can register here. Sorry US users, now you know what it feels like to be left out.