Microsoft Australia’s “Edge of the Internet” puzzle $20,000 cash prize found

Microsoft Australia’s “Edge of the Internet” promotion came to a sooner than expected end over the Christmas break as a user only identified as “Thomas from Victoria” deciphered the clues to find the secret website and collected the $20,000 cash prize. I can only imagine his holiday became even better.

Posted to the Windows Australia Facebook wall on the 28th of December 2011, it was verified the winner found the winning page with its cryptic URL of almost a week earlier at 22/12 on 12:52pm.

If the clues didn’t make much sense to you, the organizers has indicated it will post a detailed description about the clues and how it translates to a breadcrumb trail of websites after the New Year. The list of websites include those about the evolution of the web, food and wine, interesting HTML5 sites, space exploration, and even diabolical atrocities of the web design.

Unfortunately for Microsoft Australia, this second iteration of the competition didn’t nearly attract as much viral publicity or participation as the first “Ten grand is buried here“, both of which was designed to drive awareness for new releases of Internet Explorer.

With only 556 registered participants this time round, competition was not nearly as fierce. Notably the Whirlpool thread for this promotion only collected 6 posts, compared to several thousands of posts the previous competition drew.

The only logical explanation is that Australians have become even more lazy. It’s a good thing we still have Australium to outpace the world’s economies.

Update: Microsoft Australia has posted the full step-by-step explanation of how the clues lead to the prize and confirms Thomas’ entry was legitimate and valid.

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  1. The winner of the “Edge Of The Internet” competition is one lucky sod!

    Only people in Australia could have entered this competition right? (I’m from the UK)

  2. Hi there – I have been unable to find out how the person correctly found the path to Dave. As per their T & C’s item 10.The winner will be announced within two business days of the completion of the promotion on . I can’t seem to access the page. Any ideas please?

    I have serious doubts that everything was above board re this contest and I would like to pursue it further. Microsoft didn’t adhere to their own T & C’s re posting of clues, etc., and, I think if you check now, you can still sign up to participate. I know someone who signed up days after it was announced on Facebook, (not on the official website as it should have been), and their entry was accepted.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  3. Hi again.

    After following the explanation that Microsoft gave to find Dave, I have decided to lodge a complaint, not with them, but with the NSW governing body. I posted this on their website…

    This is a FARCE! Your rules stated there would be 7 web PAGES, and NOT 7 web sites. To trace Dave’s ‘journey’ as per YOUR description, you actually have to visit 15 PAGES to find Dave. Sorry, this is a BIG FAIL and I will be lodging an official complaint to

    I wonder if Microsoft will respond?


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