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  1. pfft. In 2009 they had Tripod, right? And everyone thought they were lame. So this can be revenge for dissing Tripod.

  2. @hornetfig I’ve seen Tripod live before (not at CES). Their act was toned down quite a lot for the CES performance.

  3. Predictable… Microsoft always get criticized for being too stiff and practiced during these presentations and they go off the script to do something different and the criticism rains down. No-win scenario. What about going Oprah style and leaving presents under everyone’s seat? How about then?

    1. It’s predictable in that something that didn’t turn out well got criticised.

      Doing something different isn’t sufficient to gain praise; it has to be different *and good*.

  4. My god does Microsoft suck, they should sack their marketing team, they are totally lame, is this to match with Ballmer?

  5. I guess they had to do something, to be honest, besides the tweet choir there wasn’t much else to discuss about the keynote …

  6. Is it possible that this presentation was the product of the same folks that have been in charge of the marketing since the Zune failure? I can’t even imagine what was going through their heads with this. I feel bad for the “choir” more than anyone, because in some world they are nice folks with talents that someone closer to home appreciates.

    But I think MS really screws up on stage whenever they don’t highlight the obvious presentation “presence” of a Mike Angulo, or even Belfiore. Tami Reller was either nervous or just bad on stage, doesn’t matter, she doesn’t belong up there, sorry Tams.

    This was so bad. And Ryan Seacrest and the onstage “banter” was equally awkward. Maybe the geek filled audience didn’t notice!

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