Skype hiring both C# and HTML5 devs for Windows 8 Metro app

It looks like if you can’t make your mind up about building a Windows 8 Metro-style application using either C# or HTML5, Skype seems to think you should just hire to build for both and let them fight it out. In either case, Skype seems to be readying a Windows 8 app for launch day.

The two Skype Jobs listings titled “Software Development Engineer – Skype for Windows Metro”(1)(2) are almost identical. They both start off teasing a fantastic opportunity. “The Consumer Engineering team at Skype is looking for passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated developers to help us build Skype client software for new Windows 8 platform.

Although most of the two listings are word-for-word, the difference is in just a few simple keywords. One states,

You will have a chance to build new Skype client software from the ground up using latest Microsoft technologies focusing on C#

And the other,

You will have a chance to build new Skype client software from the ground up using latest Microsoft technologies focusing on JavaScript/HTML5.

Even though I’m quite confident Skype is just diversifying their developer base, I would like to propose an unlikely but humorous scenario where the two teams are kept secret from one another for the duration of the development cycle, only to be forced into a life-or-death rivalry just before the software is launched.

With the reward of “…your work will be used by hundreds millions of thankful users worldwide” on the line, I’m sure both C# and HTML5 developers can put up quite a noble fight. Of course Skype’s Windows Phone developers will be watching with popcorn.

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  1. More interesting is the name “Windows Metro”. Maybe this is the name for the ARM version of Windows 8 without desktop support? Would make a lot of sense. They can’t name it Windows 8, that would confuse customers when there are two very different versions of Windows 8 with and without support for legacy software.

    Windows Metro. Like Windows Phone. Sounds good to me 🙂

  2. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t know which technology is better suited!
    In fact, with Win8 and WinRT you can author your own WinRT components in C#/VB/C++ and use those from all supported WinRT-languages: C#, C++, VB and even JavaScript. This effectively means that you can have your core logic written in C# and have a Metro-UI based on HTML and JavaScript. This absolutely makes sense, so I think Skype is exactly going this way. Though a C#/JS-battle would be fun 😉

  3. Windows Metro definitely sounds better than Windows 8. Anything for flashy names over meaningless and incorrect names such as Windows 7.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you! 😉

      Now that you have suggested the name “Windows Metro”, the name “Windows 8” sounds really generic and boring in comparison! 🙁

  4. Call me old but I still prefer “native” (e.g. C/C++) applications because they perform better, use less memory.

    1. Performance likely won’t be an issue. This is the Metro experience we’re talking about, not the Desktop experience. It’s possible the Metro experience doesn’t suffer from such performance issues, just like Windows Phone doesn’t.

  5. Since WinRT components made from C# can be consumed by Javascript and vice versa this isn’t much of a problem. Question is why aren’t they taking the C++ route.

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