Nokia firing all cylinders for Windows Phone marketing in Australia

Since the Australian launch of the Lumia range earlier this month, Nokia seems to have done more Windows Phone marketing in Australia than any other device manufacture and Microsoft combined. If carrier sell-outs are any indication, it’s working.

For most of this week I’ve been traveling to the Melbourne CBD and it’s been surprising just how much Lumia advertising I see day to day – on several bus shelters, train station displays, tram stops and even on the back page of MX – a popular free metropolitan newspaper. Altogether I see it at least 6 times a day.

In companion to the media blitz, Nokia Australia has ran and is planning to run several promotional events in three major cities – the firsts being a giant touchscreen billboard and an Kinect-powered augmented reality game in the heart of Sydney (video above). Although it’s not to the scale of what we’ve seen in London or Chile, but still a notable to build product awareness.

Since the product speaks for itself, I applaud Nokia for at least spending a responsible amount of effort in trying to market it. The same can’t be said for any other of the Windows Phone OEMs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all those distinctive WP7 default SMS notification sounds I keep hearing on the trains are mostly from Nokia devices.

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  1. Nokia have definitely done everything right with regard to print advertising. The carriers’ catalogues carry full page or double page spreads for Lumia devices. They stand out against the wide breadth of Android phones the carriers list. With Android market share pretty low in Australia – Apple being all-conquering – Nokia may have a chance to (effectively) single-handedly grab Microsoft the Number 2 spot in around 18 months time.

  2. Gotta say I agree with this. On the South side of Brisbane I cannot help but drive past a bus shelter ad and not notice it as a Nokia Lumia ad. Such a distinctive ad, and certainly makes for great brand awareness in the capital of the Sunshine State!!

  3. Yesterday, the press launch in Sao Paulo, Brazil had karaoke…I hope Nokia have something bigger to show tomorrow, the launch date. One carrier will open at midnight in 11 brazilian cities to sell the new Lumia phones. The first buyers, will get an Xbox 360. The Lumia 800 costs R$ 1699 (US$ 936). The cheapest iPhone 4S? R$ 2599 (US$ 1 431).

  4. I just wanted to point out that Opera keeps blocking this site by labeling it as malware threat.

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    1. Opera uses Yandex to do this malware detection. They are incredible slow to update their database. I’ve already submitted a request to recheck but it’s been around 10 days with no response.

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