Bing is for doing ad campaign launches down under

Bing’s first Australian marketing campaign actually launched last week without much fanfare since they didn’t even bother sending out a press release and I only noticed it today from an ad on Facebook.

What it is is actually a localized version of the “Bing is for doing” campaign they launched in the US in January this year. According to an advertising industry website, it is targeted at Gen-Yers to get things done by showcasing four inspiring young Australians who have achieved some remarkable results through TV ads and documentaries.

The actual people, stories and the TV ads are pretty cool which include an 18-year-old female diver who wants to save sharks, a community arts organization helping young indigenous communities, a nominated writer and performer, and a Melbourne mountain-boarder who landed the world’s first double back flip.

Even though Bing Australia’s managing director claims “(we) spent the past two years localising and refining the Bing product for Australia which was now ready for prime time”, I think it’s still a far stretch from the more compelling Bing experience they have in the US.

In my own testing, the launch of this campaign doesn’t actually reflect any significant changes in the Bing Australian experience – it’s still as third-world as its ever been.

Nevertheless, the ads are worth watching.

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  2. There’s a quick shot of a macbook air in the first ad there… Had a good chuckle there…

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