Bing for Surface v2 close up (video)

Most people probably haven’t had the chance to see a Microsoft Surface 2 (otherwise known as the Samsung SUR40) up-close. This also means the one and only app Microsoft bundles with the Surface 2, the Bing app which actually looks and works quite well, has gone unloved as well. But not any more thanks to an eye-candy video posted by development studio behind the app, Stimulant.

The app which can be used by multiple people to do up to 4 different image and map searches concurrently is shown to utilize and extend the Metro-inspired controls of the Surface 2 SDK very elegantly. It also has a nice mobile integration feature through Microsoft Tags which allow users to easily “transfer” searches from the Surface to the phone just by scanning the barcode.

I kind of wish these guys would do a Bing app for Windows 8, obviously without the need for concurrent users. At the very least I think Surface’s ScatterView would make a great addition to the WinRT framework and allow developers to present data in a much more fun and informal way. Grids are boring.

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  1. So if Surface can have over-lapping window, why is this so hard to do in Metro with its full screen abomination?

  2. This it the Bing that Windows 8 need… show this to consumers, they are gonna love this!

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