V Energy drink to introduce new flavour for Halo 4 “Purple Plasma” and XBOX giveaway

V, a popular energy drink in Australia, is set to introduce a completely new flavour to its range to coincide with a month-long promotion it will be running to promote Microsoft’s Halo 4 XBOX 360 game next month.

In a Facebook post this afternoon, V revealed a picture of the 500ml drink can which prominently features Halo 4 and Master Chief with a purple background instead of its traditional green design. The flavouring dubbed “Purple Plasma” is expected to be grape flavoured, based on my research so far.

The V website also shows a teaser for the lineup of Halo 4-branded products that will be on the market between September 24 and November 18th 2012 during which the claim to be giving away an limited edition Halo 4 XBOX 360 console to a lucky drinker every hour.

The company behind V seems to be keen on XBOX game tie-in promotions as this campaigns follows the limited edition Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3-branded V cans from last year (without a new flavour).

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  1. Please tell me this will be available in the US
    Oh gawd I need this in my life D: !!!!

  2. Woolworths did sell them but only for a unlimated time they dont sell them now but i am trying to look to buy it online because i loved the purple flavour it was thr best V energy drink I have ever tryed

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