Microsoft: Tasmania secedes from Australia

The island state of Tasmania is no longer part of the Commonwealth of Australia suggests a world map published on the Microsoft Kinect for Windows blog overnight. (Thanks to a tip from my friend Rory)

Microsoft’s map graphics, which are known to be highly accurate, highlights that while the Kinect for Windows hardware is currently available in mainland Australia, it is neither available in Tasmania or coming soon.

Admittedly there is a minute chance this is a clerical oversight, the more practical explanation for this is that the state has successfully seceded from the country and now joins a list of smaller markets that Microsoft do not currently serve.

While this is a minor setback for the software developers in the population of 507,626 (2010) who I’m sure were eagerly awaiting to start developing Kinect for Windows apps, this event is the realisation of an ongoing debate in Tasmania to secede from the Federation since the 1930’s.

From the mainland, we wish our newly formed country beneath the best of luck.

Coming up next: how the disappearance of Hawaii affects your holiday plans.

Update: Microsoft has since corrected the map to include both Tasmania and Hawaii.

6 insightful thoughts

  1. More disturbingly this must have come from an alternate timeline. Which means Microsoft must have mastered trans-dimensional travel. It’s only a matter of time before we can Skype ourselves from a different life…

  2. The best part about Tasmania seceding is that we can give our army a break, and get them to invade somewhere easy for once.

  3. Don’t worry – Tasmania wasn’t part of Australia since the 2000 Sydney Olympics already…..

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