Microsoft’s day of purple

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012 team has a purple fetish. At their launch event today in Seattle, they showed off the vibrant color loud and proud. If you’re planning to host a purple-themed party in the future, here’s some inspiration.

Purple carpet

Purple signage

Purple hallways and lighting

Purple flowers

Purple donuts

Purple presentation stage, purple chairs

Purple slide-deck

Purple (melted) ice cream, blueberry flavor

Purple martini

Purple tablecloth

Purple cupcakes

12 insightful thoughts

    1. Interior design WAS NOT done by Marie Schrader – Pinnacle and PJ Hummel were decor companies used managed by Kristyn Maddox at Microsoft.

      1. Marie Schrader is a fictional character from Breaking Bad and presumably ‘Hank’ (her husband in the show) was making a joke.

  1. The irony is of course that VS 2012 is basically a big slab of bland whiteness. If only there was some purple, if only!

  2. Long, did you actually visit the event and take these pictures, or did somebody else pass these pictures onto you for use on this blog post?

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