GamesForWindows vs GamesForMacs

The PC vs Macs contest has risen to a new level.

Last week, Microsoft’s Gamerscore Blog announced, a website dedicated to showcasing the video gaming hardware and software ecosystem on Windows PCs. It’s an obvious attempt to combat competition from Sony, Nintendo and even Apple. Speaking about Apple,

Games for Macs

Today, was launched to compete directly with Microsoft.

Update: Some people don’t seem to get it, so I’ll explain. First thing’s first, this is a joke. It’s not anti-Apple or pro-Microsoft, because I make fun at both. It’s not even about gaming, but rather, stereotypes. When you think of Apple and games, you think of Quake and The Sims and ‘not much games’. When you think of Windows, you think of Minesweeper, Solitaire, Freecell and majority of males playing games. Nothing more than poking fun at stereotypes.

It’s also a spoof of, which I don’t think is an exactly worthwhile website. The website is pretty much marketing gimmick demonstrating the already popular-enough gaming platform on PCs. There isn’t much content on the website to begin with, and nothing on the website is exactly hot-off-the-press. However, it is important to note this is different to “Games For Windows”, which is an initiative to make games easier to install and play better on Windows Vista systems. That, I support.

I link to both companies’ respective pro-gaming websites to show both sides of the story. Although it is part of my grand plan to score an XBOX 360. πŸ˜›

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  1. I’m repaying the debt for all the comparative contrasts Apple has made against Microsoft. πŸ™‚

  2. Now all we need is (its currently held by some spamming group)… Not that Linux doesn’t have games, but it’d be nice to keep up a theme for game related sites for a specific OS.

    PS. The yellow “not an ad” bar is broken in FF2 WinXP…

  3. Wow, Long – what a stab! Seriously, you have reached your humorous pinnacle with this one! Once again, your skills as a tech writer amaze me. Surely Apple has met its match in you this time!

  4. You’re such a liar, Long. Macs are all about having fun!!! PCs are only good for time sheets, spreadsheets and pie charts.

  5. LMFAO this was histerical!!!!! Definitly keep the site up… what would be good are some of the switch campaign commercials the soapbox copies

  6. Long Zheng, you really need to get a life. Enthusiasts like you make Microsoft look bad in the same way linux fanatics turn people off Linux.

    Apple is an important partner for the Office technologies division. Microsoft garners a significant amount of revenue from sales of Office for Mac.

    I understand that Blizzard produced their WarCraft III series for both Windows and mac simultaneously and that World of Warcraft also came out at almost the same time for both platforms.

  7. As Frank Arrigo pointed out, Long Zheng is not an employee but “he is a fanboy. no denying that.”. There is not anything inherently bad about being an enthusiast but outright fabrications concerning the competition can come back to bite you in the butt later on.

    MSFT has learned a great deal from its mistakes and some of that can be seen in the design of Vista. In hindsight, XP had some significant problems with it when it went out to manufacturing and it took two service packs to get some things right. MSFT looks upon those Apple ads as some friendly jabs by one company against another maybe MSFT deserves some of it. There is no denying that some MSFT customers had considerable issues with viruses under the XP security model.

    Darren, there is no need to be a childish fanboy. The products of MSFT can stand or fail on their own merits without such hyperbole.

  8. That’s very creative of you to create a site so funny.
    I was nearly fooled by the mac site if not for the footer disclaimer.
    Nice work again, Long Zheng πŸ™‚

  9. “outright fabrications concerning the competition can come back to bite you in the butt later on”

    Kind of like when someone claims their IBM-designed processors are the fastest in the universe but then is forced to jump platforms a couple years later, at which point they announce their new Intel-designed processores are the fastest in the universe. Or a million other embellishments of the truth that Job routinely ejaculates at his cult gatherings.

  10. “The website is pretty much marketing gimmick demonstrating the already popular-enough gaming platform on PCs.”

    While I agree that right now the site is pretty useless, at least it shows that Microsoft is renewing its commitment to the PC as a gaming platform. I don’t know if I entirely agree with PC gaming being “popular-enough” these days. The PC as a gaming platform, has been eroded by most new games being developed for multiple platforms at once. So first off, we end up with a game that’s a crappy port from a console. PC-only titles are pretty rare these days. Secondly, gamers see the same game on a console and say: “Why should I spend so much on a PC, when I can get a console for a few hundred bucks?”

    And let’s not forget that Microsoft themselves have helped this erosion, up until now. They concentrated on the Xbox and Xbox 360 at the expense of the PC, for several years.

    And the game publishers have been abandoning the PC platform in droves. Why? Because consoles are easier to develop for (everyone has exactly the same hardware), require less customer technical support, have less piracy, and there are financial incentives from the manufacturers.

    The new Games for Windows initiative appears to help with at least two of these problems. Microsoft apparently provides development assistance and financial incentives, to developers who participate in Games for Windows. So hopefully, this effort will prevent further erosion of the market and bring some life back into PC gaming.

  11. (See above)
    “This website is obviously not endorsed by Apple Computers, Inc. or Microsoft Corporation.
    However if this was endorsed by Microsoft, then the person to blame would definitely be Long Zheng.” (Footer)

    WOW, what’s that for?
    It even links to your site, so, “Bill Gates” is that how you got here?

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