CES: 48 hours photostory

I would have posted this yesterday, but the hotel WiFi access wasn’t enabled at the time. So without WiFi, without a mobile phone, without a credit card for about a day and a half, I was stuck with a 2 hour Friends marathon on television. Thankfully, I’m still alive.

The highlight of my flight was when the plane fell a times approaching Vegas. When you have people screaming and kids crying, you know something might be wrong. The pilot didn’t mention it before or after the turbulence, so everyone’s imagining it never happened. Holding hands with strangers? Never happened.

At the airport….

Apparently I was ‘just legal’ for a pat-down. πŸ™

First sight of light.

First sunrise.

And before you know it, or after a 14 hour continuous flight and after 2 pat-downs, I’m in Los Angeles.

Lounge for flight to Las Vegas. Either geeky or unemployed.

I swear some people went to the slot machines before going to the toilet.

Holographic projection display at the airport. Oh, did you notice the 65″ TV? The other guy wanted to touch it, instead he was stopped by an invisible force called “glass”.

When you see it, you’ll say it.” Nuff said.

What the Orleans might look like if there was an earthquake.

There was a subtle innuendo at the hotel lobby.

I don’t think NASA’s control center is as complicated.

She’s got my picture. I’m doomed.

HD-DVD feeling a little confident.

Robert McLaws just heard the latest news of rise in the Mac OS X market share.

Trust me, no one was smoking anything. Josh from WindowsConnected and Michael from HardwareGeeks.

Robert McLaws tries out his “open source” look if this Microsoft thing falls through. The GottaBeMobile.com guys were also there.

More photos from my Flickr “CES 2007” photoset. Windows Vista Labs tomorrow. Hopefully they have something great and informative planned. The best part is, no one’s tried to kill me yet. Although some people had strong handshakes, like the type you could disable someone’s ability to sign valuable packages from Microsoft.

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  1. A plane falling? :O Nah, the pilot was probably fighting some wind on approach, nothing much to worry about. That’s why he probably didn’t mention it, since it happens a lot. Nice pics!

  2. With all the geeks down at CES, just get up on stage and ask all the folks who fly in FS what could cause that, gaurunteed you’ll get about 100 different answers.

  3. Could you check out the Nvidia Display And see if there is any news on the GF 8800 Vista Drivers they meant to be testing DX10 with the 8800 card πŸ™‚ Cheers

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