Dude, where’s my caps?

Missing Windows Vista caps

Over 3 months ago, I published an announcement and subsequent drawing of a competition to win 1 of 100 Windows Vista caps. I knew from the beginning the logistics of sending out 100 gifts would have caused problems both financially and physically. Luckily, Microsoft Australia came to help me out by distributing the caps through their channels. However, the three months that followed didn’t go quite as plan.

New Windows Vista capWhat was quite simply, a dropoff at the reception of Microsoft Australia’s Melbourne office, turned into the perfect plot for a Sherlock Holmes story. I won’t dive into the detail of how I got the caps on the counter, in short, it was a lot of work. I put it on the counter when I got in, and was still on the counter when I left. Somehow, nanoseconds between the elevator door closing and the receptionist opening her eyes again, the box vanished. It was as if MIB took the box, and then flashed everyone.

The box wasn’t finger-tip sized (as you can see from this archive photo). Perhaps it fell down an enormously large crack in a corner of the wall. Who knows. It was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Luckily, Aaron from Microsoft in Redmond was generous enough to fulfill the request for another 100 Vista caps to make sure those who were promised one, got one. These caps were ordered, delivered and finally distributed in just weeks. Special thanks to Aaron and Bernard!

Some of you may have received your caps today. If you haven’t, they will be there soon.

You might notice the dissimilarities between the caps you receive and the photo of the caps I originally planned to distribute. That is because these are not the same caps. These were ordered from another merchandising vendor which had a different design to the originals.

Apart from an apology, there’s nothing better I can do at this time. It’s still a Windows Vista cap, but just not the orb. I hope you understand. 🙁

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  1. Aha! So that’s what the story with them was – that’s cool, I know you put in a lot of effort organising everything and I’m grateful I received one. (My god it looks HOT in my photo up there)

    Like I said to you earlier, I loved the orb ones – hopefully they’ll turn up magically sometime (keep a look out for them on eBay those – those Microsoft employees!)

    Thanks for sorting it out and happy that I’ve received mine.

    Cheers Long.

  2. If you end up with any spares or the orb ones rematerialize, I’d really love to get one! Otherwise, keep up the great job with you site.

  3. NOW I don’t feel bad for not winning one, since I already have one of these new ones.

    The Vista orb one looks better in my opinion.

  4. I was wondering about the cap, wanted to wear it vista launch event. but its never arrived. Now i know the reason. Thanks MS for helping Long. Waiting for mine to arrive.

  5. Weee, got mine.
    AusPost, however, just left it on my front door, for anybody to steal! (rather than letterbox, or leaving a note that it was too big and was at the post office)

    Thanks Long 🙂

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