Expression Studio Commemorative Edition unboxing

I received something special today in the mail, a copy of the Expression Studio Commemorative Edition given out at last month’s Microsoft MIX 2007 conference in Las Vegas. Not only is it one of the first retail copies of Expression Studio on the market, but it has the priceless value of featuring one in a thousand or so limited edition designs. The standard edition retails for $599, so I can’t help imagine this is worth well over $600. The essence of this truly unique gift can be described as the “thank you” card writes.

Design is everywhere, from the car you buy to the place you shop. Great design is a differentiator that will continue to drive innovation, taking us to places we’ve never seen before. Simply put user experience matters. With Expression Studio, we set out to build tools that spark your creative passion and help you create better experiences. To reflect our belief that design is essential, we hope you enjoy this Commemorative Edition of Expression Studio, complete with the first version of Expression Studio and the one-of-a-kind artwork.

Expression Studio Commemorative EditionExpression Studio Commemorative EditionExpression Studio Commemorative Edition
Expression Studio Commemorative Edition Expression Studio Commemorative Edition
Expression Studio Commemorative Edition

Special thanks to the nice people at Waggener Edstrom for providing this product sample. I’m currently considering giving it away because I’m sure someone out there deserves this much more than I do. But don’t hold your breathe, this is a pretty special item.

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  1. Nice Long, nice. Expression Blend is a great product, the rest I’m so-so about, but Blend with VS is lots of fun

  2. “so I can’t help imagine this is worth well over $600” – That’s gold!

  3. I’m also thinking of charity auction? But can’t think of many people who would want to buy it…

  4. If you do consider giving it away or having a contest/drawing, please count me in.

  5. A give away sounds good, but if you put it on eBay I’m quite sure it would give you enough money to buy a couple of new & original expression studios…

  6. What’s up w/Microsoft and really good packaging design lately? Windows Vista was a decent package. However, I found myself gawking at the Zune packaging a few days ago. I had never seen the packaging up close and in person before. And those press kits they gave out were stunning!

  7. Keep the box. Its gold. Something you can have forever, reminding how much your blog become such a huge influeced and widley read.

  8. @Henry: But that’s selfish isn’t it? A blog is nothing without its readers.

  9. Expression studio works on a mac? I didnt realise they was brining it out for the mac :O

  10. Ahh yeah I knew about that, I tried to research awhile back regarding expression studio on a mac, and found nothing. Only mentions of Blend.

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