Microsoft announces Mediaroom IPTV. If you read this blog, you would have known 4 weeks ago!

Microsoft video-on-demand logoIt feels good being right, especially during exams. Unfortunately uncovering Microsoft logos is not an examinable subject at this day and age. One day…

On May 21 – almost a month ago, I reported a trademark application in Australia which included a logo and some details at a possible video-on-demand service from Microsoft. At the time, no one I asked could confirm or deny it, or suggest what the name of the product was for, but were all somehow excited by it. Public relations denied everything of course, but I knew the truth wasn’t too far off since no one wastes time and money on dubious trademark applications. Well as it turns out, I was right, but 3 weeks too early.

Microsoft Mediaroom

Thanks to a tip from Robert McLaws who pinged me about this press release which just went out minutes ago. The name for the service is actually “Microsoft Mediaroom“, and the logo is identical with a shade of orange. Not as spectacular as a brand new service, but a rebranding of Microsoft’s existing IPTV platform with a friendlier name. And all the previously mentioned features actually exist, including video-on-demand and media sharing!

Media Room“Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Microsoft® Mediaroom™, the latest update to its award-winning Internet Protocol television (IPTV) software platform, featuring several new multimedia capabilities, including in-home personal music and photo sharing, dynamic MultiView (multiple picture-in-picture) capabilities, Multimedia Application Environment for development of interactive services and advanced applications, and digital terrestrial television (DTT) support.”

Now only if you could gamble on PR announcements, I might do quite well.

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  1. And you were right! Very nice! 🙂
    How many days will they have that orange image making us spectate?
    By the way, Microsoft TV logo is ugly. (mediaroom rocks)

  2. who cares… in my opinion this has 0 value in the Australian market at the moment. Not sure how many broadcasters/ distributors in the US market use the platform.

    Could be a last ditch attempt by Microsoft to rescue a sinking ship…

  3. I love IPTV. The other day, I saw AT&T U-verse for the first time at this person’s house. It’s based on Microsoft’s IPTV technology, and I thought it was awesome. The interface is slick, guides and menus are way more active and robust, and overall, it’s a better experience than current cable/satellite providers. I can’t wait to see more coming out from IPTV, especially the so-called Xbox 360 IPTV update.

    IPTV is awesome, and is one of the most underdogged technology from Microsoft. I wish it got more recognition. It’s better than what anyone else has out there.

  4. new updates on mediaroom website: “mediaroom will soon be available through the hottest gaming console in the market today – the xbox 360! ” good news! can’t wait to have a try!

  5. I’ll be glad when America bans guns like Australia did. That way we can be safe too.

    apply sarcasm above

  6. It’s interesting, and refreshing, to see that MS is starting to use cool product names (or, at the very least, that don’t suck anymore). Also, they start unifying their visual look… Mediaroom’s logo and typography is the same as Surface, for example. I hope they continue that way.

  7. well spotted Long!
    i think in the northern territory you’re allowed to bet on *anything* at all. maybe you could make a few dollars 😉

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