Higher resolution Windows 7 logo, presention style guide and retail concept all leaked in one big burst


Stephen Chapman of UX Evangelist delivers yet again. In response to all the chatter and speculation surrounding the new Windows 7 logo, Stephen has published some interesting graphic resources he’s found in the master slides of the “Windows 7 Core Presentation Deck” which reveals more details of how Microsoft plans to market Windows 7 to the masses.

win7vennBesides larger resolution versions of the new Star Trek (flare)-inspired “7” logo in four vibrant colors, there are also some basic guides on how Windows 7 PowerPoint presentations should be designed.

The venn diagram example (right) I thought was particularly interesting and is probably a good representation of the simplified and humanistic approach Microsoft will use to pitch Windows 7. FYI, Windows 7 is at the intersection between “this is cool”, “easy” and “it’s what I want” encapsulated by “it works”.

If there wasn’t enough goodies in one PowerPoint deck already, there is also a small resolution mockup of a Windows 7 display in a retail environment which appears to feature the retail boxart not too different to the leaked version.

Needless to say, anything plastered with “Microsoft Confidential” is definitely worth a look.

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  1. The caption from one of the linked slides:

    “Multi-tasking audiences are more likely to commit information to memory if slides require lower cognitive load to read.”

    That’s written by someone trying to tell others how to communicate clearly and efficiently. A little too ironic…

    Still, I guess it’s a more polite way of saying, “Keep things really simple because people are stupid and easily distr… OOOH A SHINY THING!”

  2. holy gates! I really personally hate that ‘7’ logo! let’s all who don’t like it pray that is just initial.

  3. @Simran Khurana:

    Windows 7 is the anti-Vista so people are already using it at SP-1 rather than waiting for SP0, let alone SP1. πŸ™‚

  4. “7” looks really shit and aimed at noobs tbh …I think it perfectly describes what’s in the box.

    I know I ain’t buying that shit.. but then I woudln’t want that junk for free either biggest waste of time just experiencing the RC edition… maybe when they can start building shit right for power users who want better control and customization… instead of building it for newbs who haven’t got a fucking clue and just accept crap anyway.

  5. hey wheres the newly revealed zune hd news, its been out for almost 2 days now, cmon Long keep up.

  6. @Jeffrey Byron: I’m not a news blog. πŸ™‚ I don’t blog about everything that’s happening around Microsoft. I like to blog about things I’m passionate about or if I have something to add to the “conversation”. I recommend everyone to visit all the other Microsoft-blogs on my sidebar to get their daily news feed.

  7. @ Long Zheng: ahh okay that’s cool, I guess just from all the recent Microsoft stuff I got that impression, sorry. Keep up the good work I still enjoy reading your blog, and that’s a very cool way of doing things, keep doing what your heart desires.
    I guess I’m just a little Zune HD crazy at the moment, ok ok I lied, I’m very much Zune HD crazy right now haha.

    Back to the topic. Does anyone really care that much what the store art will look like, yeah it could look cooler, but that’s not even the box, I’ve seen a w7 box art picture and it looks nice, I’d think it would be better to focus on what the OS is going to be like not cursing about the plastic thing that goes on the shelf to collect dust lol. πŸ™‚ just my opinion.
    And yes I’m a Microsoft πŸ˜€ fan I have yet to own anything from Apple, I know they make good stuff, but I just don’t have any reason to own any of it now.

  8. I don’t know if any of you had already noticed this:

    The “7” follows the exact same curve of upper-right corner of the Windows flag logo.

    After realizing that I like the 7 logo a lot more.

  9. According to Norton Safeweb the site the blog links to the images on contains 3 trojans. πŸ˜•

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