Windows Phone 7 devices in developers’ hands July

It’s a good time to be a mobile developer. At the Microsoft TechEd 2010 conference this week in New Orleans, Brandon Watson from the Windows Phone 7 team revealed that Windows Phone 7 devices will go out to developers “next month”, July, several months ahead of the general availability during the “holiday season”.

Although there isn’t an exact number of the early Christmas presents Microsoft will hand out, it’s claimed to be plentiful and genuine Windows Phone developers in any of the 29 countries where Windows Marketplace for Mobile is available will be considered. Interested developers should reach out to Microsofties through any of the Windows Phone 7 developer channels to register their interest. Microsoft will determine each request on a case-by-case basis.

The devices Microsoft are seeding to developers will range from a number of undisclosed OEMs but are all similarly specced. Although the devices (and presumably OS) won’t be of retail quality, the devices will be free so you can’t complain.

Brandon also teased that the team also put a lot of focus on the packaging of these development kits which are standardized across devices and they’re “very cool”. I’m sure when these land in the hands of developers next month there will be no shortage of pictures.

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  1. Incredibly good news! Just what I need! I’m tired of using the emulator for testing – there are just some things you can’t test properly.

  2. So what exactly are the “Windows Phone 7 developer channels” that we are supposed to reach out through?

    1. There is no single official channel at the moment. Developers are just encouraged to reach out to Microsofties through whatever channel they’re comfortable with, ex. Twitter or email.

  3. Any idea how close these developer devices are going to be to the final retail units? The thing that I’m mainly interested in would be the underlying hardware. Do these developer devices have the same chipset in use as the final retail units? I presume they do, but you never know.

  4. Exists a webpage where the users can suggest apps for WP7?
    Would be interesting that exists a page where the developers can know the applications that user to wish or need.

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