MISSING: Vista Ultimate Language Packs

Update: Language Packs has been found in a dark alleyway. World order restored. Technical glitch to blame.

If you thought the Ultimate Extras situation couldn’t get any worse, then you have much to learn young Jedi, because rock bottom is only an illusion. It appears that what was left of the Ultimate Extras16 language packs (I know, they are counted as extras) – have now been sucked into the void of unknown. Fan, just som jag ville ha min Vista på svenska ja!

Vista Ultimate Extras Language Packs Missing - “Have you seen”

Whether this is a widespread technical glitch or intentional symptom as a result of upgrades to the backend in preparations for more and better Ultimate Extras remains to be speculated. Even if all my money’s on a technical glitch, there is still a quantum chance the Ultimate Extras team will deliver on their latest promise to ship the final version of DreamScenes and the remaining 20 Language Packs before the “end of summer” (September).

However for those of you who are in need of their language “fix”, a Channel9 member has kindly posted the language pack download links directly from the Windows Update servers. Arigatou!

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  2. Ultimate Extras is the only time I feel I was truly “Suckered” into a Microsoft Product. I had dreams of all sorts of Cool apps, wallpapers, DX10 screensavers… All I got was cool packaging.

  3. I’m sure you can get the packaging and a pirated copy of Vista Ultimate in China or Malaysia for the price you’ll pay for a t-shirt. 😛

  4. Grizz, don’t forget the inactivity on the SideBar side either. They had a decent amount of crickets, but they all died from monotony. Too bad about SideShow, since that is a really cool technology. Although, talking about Vaporware, CES displayed a lot of cool uses for new Vista tech, but the actual releases have been thin.

  5. I didn’t know you knew Swedish… 😛

    Jag är nöjd med Vista Business och ser ingen anledning att köpa Ultimate.

  6. Haha, got a little surprised when you wrote in swedish. =)

    Tack och hej, leverpastej. 😉

  7. Here’s a win-win idea, how about a Vista Ultimate extra: HD-DVD decoder. So we can watch HD-DVDs in Ultimate Media Center. Then everyone who paid for Ultimate won’t feel cheaped out, and we’ll all start forking out money to buy the DVD format that Microsoft is backing.

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