Windows Phone 7 screencaps from TechEd 2010

During both the keynote and a Windows Phone 7 session here at TechEd North America 2010, Microsoft showed off a subtly newer build of Windows Phone 7 that features a few visual changes over the builds we’ve seen not too long ago from Microsoft MIX and certainly its debut at Mobile World Congress 2010.

The most obvious thing you’ll notice is a more compact lock screen that features much smaller text for the time and date, presumably to address the issue some people raised over the unnecessary clipping of the date. Outlook and the Marketplace tiles also sport a new icon that’s more consistent with the stencil icons on the rest of the start screen. Many icons inside various application menus has also been added.

Beyond just the pictures, the build appeared more complete and responsive in the demonstrations as one would expect as it inches closer to its public release, especially since Microsoft hopes to deliver actual devices to developers “very soon”.

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  1. I saw a recent video (in late May) of a recent Windows Phone 7 build, and its definitely coming along really well, a lot better than WM 6.5 did.

    I was just really impressed when I saw this video, there were only a few minor hiccups and the experience was smooth and snappy. Its exciting to see a 1.0 Microsoft product turn out very stable and reliable.

    Heres the video: (This isn’t the same build form TechEd 2010, but if its this stable/smooth in this video, its gotta be even more so from this TechEd build.)

  2. Tell me folks,
    is the black background changeable to ur own pic? is it like the iPhone where they (use to, with the iPhone 4 now having backgrounds) show you the icons on a black background? or is it going to stay black?

    1. get over yourselves Apple Fanboys.. this is a feed about Windows Phone 7 go to and play with yourself there.

  3. iPhone4 failed miserably…Apple had nothing to bring to the table other than micro-features like backgrounds and folders…this is WP7’s opportunity to push it in if MS can deliver this holiday, can’t wait

    1. “iPhone4 failed miserably”? You should live in a diferent planet…. Wait for the sales…. 😉

  4. As a graphic designer, i am surrounded by people with iphones, iproducts etc. what i actually wanted to say was, being a graphic designer, i would rather much want a windows phone because of the teams interest and understanding of typography that is instantly apparant when you see a windows phone. There is no focus on chrome, but instead its on content, type, interaction.

    I want something pleasing, simple, not plastic and glossy like the iphone. I also want choice, and i am glad that i can choose from a range of manufacturers. i can choose the phone thats right for me.

    1. Well said Levi. I usually troll around blogs and sites just looking for members to pick on. You sir deserve an applause. Not everyone likes running around with a clone-phone. Certain users need certain qualities. Some like it hot, some like it cold.

    2. That’s a great observation, Levi. Agree with you. Typography is the killer feature, not chrome.

    3. I couldn’t disagree with you more.

      I’ve been using Windows Mobile phones since 2005, and was looking forward to improvements that would make the phone faster, easier to use, and more customizable and extensible. Instead these screenshots seem to suggest we’ll be getting some sort of digital picture frame where this huge, blocky, graphic design is forced on us, making it impossible to see more than two or three items on the display before they start falling off the screen edge.

      Typography? I’m looking for a fast, extensible, digital swiss army knife, not the digital equivalent of a brochure.

  5. It just cracks me up that Apple strove to be “different” and all they ended up doing was create sameness. One phone, one design, no options, no customization, no personality. If to “think differently” is to become a iLemming then please point me to the Windows Phone 7. From what I’ve seen The Windows Phone 7 is the perfect balance between ” I don’t know what the interface will be or look like (Android) to everything on every iphone looks the same, you must do things the apple way or die BS.
    Windows Phone 7 seems to be a bright balance between familiarity and customization. Awesome.

  6. Well said guys. I posted on some other site as well – WP7’s gonna break iPhone’s new ‘glasses’!

  7. hmm… that windows live tile on the 12th or 13th pic is something i have not seen before. Any idea as to what’s contained in there?

    1. I believe that’s the Windows Live mail app since it’s not an Outlook Exchange email account.

    2. @ Long

      Hmm, makes sense. But would that mean that there’s no unified mailbox?

  8. maybe is it a hub for windows live messenger, skydrive and other microsoft services??

  9. @Long

    So, have you seen or heard anything that would indicate how quickly Microsoft is planning to iterate the hardware spec? It would be nice to see them be able to allow OEM’s to bring new technologies to market in a timely fashion, and at the same time provide developer access to those features.

    I would love to see stuff like higher resolution screens (vector based UI FTW), a front camera, and whatever other super cool hardware they can dream up.

    1. With the Windows Phone 7, there are Minimum hardware specifications (not maximum) for new items (front cameras etc, the OEM can install drivers (and the apps) that get it working…
      Screen Resolution is currently locked to the two apps only. (this is certainly going to help App Devs) but could well be updated in future releases/specification reviews.

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