Musicians at Microsoft release 5th album for charity

Continuing the charitable theme of Microsoft employees for the annual October Employee Giving Program, here is another for-charity product of a few gifted volunteers – an album recorded by Microsoft musicians. The last thing I expected to see is “Microsoft” as a record label.

In its fifth-year running, “Musicians at Microsoft: Opening Windows, Volume 5” is like the photobook equivalent for the musically-minded. Put together by works across many genres (rock, pop, electronic), it “is a compilation of work donated by Microsoft’s diverse community of musicians to support Music Aid Northwest.”

People can find the track listing and a preview of all the songs at, Amazon and even iTunes. Priced at 0.99 a song and $9.99 for the whole album, all proceeds will be donated to charity.

Although there isn’t anything there for my tastes, it’s nice to see such a variety of hobby groups at Microsoft come together for charitable causes. I’m still on the hunt for the Microsoft cat calendar people.

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